Things I learned over the last 5–6 years

You read that right. 300 Million Predictions. Every second

This is how you can leave your mark on the Machine Learning industry

They reviewed a bunch of imputation techniques to find the best

And how to use them better

Benefits of content creation from the perspective of someone “failing” at it

Turns out a lot of AI Research has been getting this wrong

Once you develop your concepts, use this to get the best results

Microsoft is apparently the best place to interview. Multiple students have praised it

An interesting idea. However, how does it hold up in comparison?

An innovative approach +encouraging results make this paper worthwhile

  1. Thanks to differing data regulations, data sharing across borders can be difficult. This can lead to a lot of problems when it comes to the reproducibility of their research. …


I write high-performing code and scripts for organizations to help them generate more revenue, identify areas of investment, isolate redundancies, and automate

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